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Montreal Cheesecake in Toronto

montrealer70 | Sep 20, 2008 03:12 PM

Hi Again: I'm getting a craving for my old faithful slice of Montreal Cheesecake. I'll describe it for those in the dark. The base of the cake is similar to New York cheesecake (creamy, a little sweet and Freaking THICK), however, it's about 10 inches high, it has slightly candied nuts surrounding the entire side of the cake and has fresh strawberries with sweet strawberry gellee on top. As far as I know, this type of cheesecake is unique to Montreal deli's (Dunn's five locations, former Ben's, mom+pop deli's, and Chenoy's restaurants across the city and outskirts). I have a pic from the Dunn's (Montreal) website for reference:

Does anyone know if the Dunn's downtown Toronto has the Montreal cheesecake? And a better question is - does anyone know if this place is still in business? (Their smoked meat wasn't served properly and the service was lousy a few years ago when I went there before heading out to the theatre - wasn't interested in dessert).

I'm hoping to find a similar cheesecake in central Toronto. I tried many "New York cheesecakes" and suffice it to say that most were awful and no-where close to either Montreal or NY cheesecake.

The closest plain cheesecake base that I have found is "Baker's Oven" brand, found in most supermarkets - It is actually closer Montreal or NY cheesecake base than any fresh baked cheesecake that I've found here. I actually like it very much. I'm just looking for a place to hang out and order a $7 mammoth slice with the topping etc... like the good old days in Mtl.

Finally, to all restauranteurs and bakeries, if you're going to serve diet cheesecake, please put it in BOLD writing and tell the customer "it's Toronto's best DIET CHEESECAKE". I must have had three vendors in the city who, while telling me how phenomenal their cheesecakes are, omitted to tell me that they used a low-calory, diet recipe (which completely defeats the purpose to eat it). While I swallow the disgusting bite of white slop, they tell me "and it's only 100 calories per slice".

"Diet Cheesecake" is an oxymoron!!!

Thanks for helping chowhounders.

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