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Mom's sushi

lordbear73 | Mar 28, 200810:35 PM

I was born in a small town called Tokyo. So was this person I'm close to, I call her Mom. To be a sushi chef, one has to train under a master for years. My mom didn't know that and there were no sushi bars or restaurants any place we lived. When she wanted sushi, she rolled her own. Sashime, hard to come by in the midwest. Maguro has to be thawed from the original freeze or it's mushy if frozen and thawed one too many times.

Since I've grown up eating my mother's cooking, I've always had problems with sushi bars. When I ate sushi, I counted them by how many plates, not how many pieces or rolls. Oh and it didn't cost much to make and Mom never charged me anything except for chores and stuff.

There are things about making sushi that folks never talk about. Did you know that the type of rice you use is important. Did you know that you do not use freshly cooked rice, you let it sit at room temp overnight but you have to fluff it before you let it cool. When you prep the rice it has to be flavored with the right amount of sweet vinegar. Did you know the seaweed you roll maki sushi in, even if it is the finest quality, should be flash toasted over an open flame to get the proper taste.

Never see any of these things happen in any of the sushi bars I visit including in the cities. Sashimi is good if you have access to a good fish market. (lived on Oahu for three years so I know fresh fish). Folks pay lots of bucks for sushi. The way I grew up, I can't get over it. It's like paying thirty bucks for a good plate of mac and cheese, if you catch my drift.

I now live north of Green Bay. My nearest neighbor is a herd of dairy cows, and they seem to be very happy by the way California. Long distance to any restaurants other than supper clubs and the like. Nothing fancy or exotic.

To be fair, I'm not a sushi aficionado as our home grown sushi never had sea urchin or eel or the like. For advice, read the other opinions and enjoy. My Mom is not a chef, she was a professional cook. Chefs are ones who think presentation is important. Cooks are ones who think long waiting lines are a good presentation and she was a good cook. Her japanese dishes were and are killer. Most of my cooking methods and recipes are from watching her.

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