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Mom's Favorite Recipe

Chef Stefano | May 12, 2002 11:16 AM

In the NY Times today Amanda Hesser writes about some of her favorite recipes. It made me think that some of you chowhounds might enjoy a discussion of what you will be cooking for your Mom today. What is her favorite recipe? Since I am in PA and my Mom is in FL, I called her and asked her what her favorite is. I thought she would say something unexciting like roast chicken and a baked potato which she seems to eat much of, but she surprised me by claiming that her favorite recipe is the bastilla I once made for her.

Some of us will be lucky enough to be cooking for Mom today, some of us can only speak to Mom on the phone today as I did, and some of us can only remember Mom with love.

If your Mom is with you today or if thoughts of her are with you, what is her favorite recipe?

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