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Molecular gastronomy - Die Fiend !


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Molecular gastronomy - Die Fiend !

rworange | Jan 20, 2006 02:27 AM

OK, last post on this topic. I'm not even sure this is about food or needs to be on the "Not about food" board.

There seems to be a food movement called molecular cooking which includes using equipment usually found in science labs, food sprays and thermo-circulator "sous-vide."

This quote is from Dr. Biggles on one of the blogs who was commenting on David Burke's new food sprays or as he so poetically put it ... "Bacon Spray? Tremendous? Die fiend."

Here's one link about cooking with liquid nitrogen:

Will we someday be nostalgic about the time of Alice Water and real food ... there once was a place called Berkeley ...

So, uh, it begs the question. If Chowhounding is all about finding deliciousness and these things turn out to be good tasting ... ???


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