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Are moderator's too heavy handed?

josephnl | Aug 19, 201111:29 PM     219

I fully understand why the moderators need to keep angry and inflammatory posts off the site. Nevertheless, I can't understand why they remove posts which ask legitimate questions which could result in angry replies. I think this is wrong!!! If the question is reasonable, it should be allowed, but angry or unreasonable or inflammatory replies should not be tolerated.

I have recently had a few very polite and respectful posts removed, and I'm so annoyed that I'm about ready to quit CH. If "touchy" or controversial topics cannot be politely discussed here, then I think this site loses much of it's value. Two recent posts I've had removed related to 1) how I should best handle a situation when we were seated next to over-the-top unruly children, and 2) whether a restauranteur's political stand should reasonably influence the choice of dining there.

I think the moderators greatly overstep their bounds by removing the legitimate questions. Their role should be removing disrespectful, vulgar, angry, inflammatory responses....not the reasonable question! Do others agree?

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