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Mochizuki (かいてん) sushi - my little review


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Mochizuki (かいてん) sushi - my little review

50firstdatesguy | Dec 12, 2007 07:46 PM

So I ended up at this place tonight. It's right on the corner of Elm and Bay, which was a pleasure to get to during rush hour.

Anyways, I read some good reviews on here so maybe I had high expectations but here goes.

First off it's not 'authentic', the chef and staff (save for one waitstaff) tonight weren't Japanese. Arguments have been made in the past for and against whether this is important at a sushi place, I mention it here just FYI for any purists.

The service - pleasant, efficient, can't complain.

The rice - a tad dry, definitely not as sticky as some, and missing that subtle hint of vinegar. Didn't have that sheen to it that really fresh sushi rice can sometimes have, like it just left the chefs wet hands. I realize it may be on the kaiten for up to 30 minutes before I get to it, but this stuff had been circulating for a few hours maybe, or it seemed that way.

The wasabi - not weak, not bad, not too dry.

The seafood - not bad, not great, a little thin size-wise. What got me was that they don't really have real octopus, unless its something you have to special order. The tako I saw was more like small baby octopuses, little wee orange-ish ones, and not the traditional slices of pink and purple tentacle I'm accustomed to seeing. My Japanese companion and I were both puzzled. No ika (squid) either; again perhaps you have to order that stuff specially made but it's not exactly a delicacy, I felt both tako and ika should have been in rotation, they're generally on the same level as the salmon and regular tuna, nothing special that needs to be ordered off the menu for even more money if that was indeed the case.

What else.. the miso soup was a little thin on flavour, I kept thinking 'tea' as I sipped it, could have used more miso paste.

The gyoza - can't really complain, although I have tasted much more flavourful meat.

The edamame - very good, hot and salted, the way it should be especially in winter.

The tako-yaki balls - these were just deep-fried balls of what tasted like canned shrimp/crab/seafood slurry, if anyone here is a fan of authentic tako-yaki you'll be let down. These definitely weren't prepared with a tako-yaki machine and the ingredients weren't correct as far as I could tell.

So put all that together, and I really think food-wise you're getting around a 6.5 or 7/10 at the very best.

Then the bill came. We'd only had 1 drink each and hadn't gone too nuts. But it was about $105 all-in. I've eaten more/better for less. We were a little surprised but meh, what can ya do.

So price considered, I'd say it's a nice PLACE that does its best, and the sushi is presented well, but sushi-heads can probably do better elsewhere. It's an average place that charges what you'd expect to pay at a place that looks the way it does, but really, the sushi itself is probably just as good as any other run of the mill 'Asian' restaurant. You're just paying for atmosphere and the kaiten (conveyor belt) gimmick IMHO.
I think if we'd gone all-out we'd be pretty disappointed.

Final answer: a grudging 6/10

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