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MOAB, UTAH: Where do I get More Salt Water Taffy

dmscheum | Sep 16, 201108:06 AM

Please FORGIVE my oversight on my original post. I have had such GREAT success with CHOW HOUND in the past that I did NOT see the "Sticky Topics" section specific to the Mountian States. SO . . .

Recently a friend visited MOAB, UTAH and brought back a bag of Salt Water Taffy from a gift shop there for the office to share. The taffy was made exclusively for Moab and had the name of the town on the bag. To a taffy addict like me, this was THE BEST TAFFY I have ever eaten. However, before I could glean the name of the manufacturer from the wrapping, some neat freak in our office took the last few pieces, left them in a candy dish and disposed of the bag. GURRR!!!!! Can ANYONE out there in Chow Hound land help me with this mystery?? BEST TAFFY EVER!!!!!!!! VELVETY Soft - EVERY flavor discernable from the next - MELTS in your mouth. I DREAM of this taffy. HELP!!!!

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