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which mixer???- blendtec mix n blend vs bosch mixer

freckles123 | Dec 27, 200909:14 PM

i want to upgrade from a cheap drugstore hand mixer to a stand mixer. after much reading- chow and elsewhere, KA and cuisinart are out. made in china, heavy, motor burn out... i want something that is solid and will laaast a long time.

though not as pretty, the bosch and blendtec appeal to me b/c its multipurpose- mixer, food processor and blender and lighter weight yet powerful. the blendtec looks like an older bosch model.

i'm starting to invest in better small appliances, but my cheap side keeps yipping- this is how i found out about the blendtec mix n blend. pricewise, the blendtec mixer is a deal! they are well known for their deafening blenders but not sure how the well the mix n blend compares to the bosch. very few reviews about the blendtec mixer and they are all over the place.

i cook (when i do) for 1-2 and occasionally more- potluck, double batches of mostly cakes/cookies/desserts sort of things in a small kitchen. i'm not a bread maker but who knows? there may be a undiscovered bread maker in me! i'm hoping either will make me a regular cook too.

originally, i was looking at the compact bosch kitchen mixer 4 quart- but they stopped making them and ebay is selling more than what they retailed for. the newer bosch universal is more expensive and larger- 6 quart and is not recc'd for mixing small quantities.

i'm totally confused and torn between buying a over retail price no longer made compact bosch mixer ( cheap side can't believe i'm considering this!) vs a more expensive but too large bosch universal vs unknown blendtec mixer????

anyone hounds have input regarding the blendtec vs bosch mixer? or more specifically a blendtec mix n blend user???? the specs seems ideal, just need some sound hound support to make decision.

both seem to have some discounts out there until the end of the year. nothing amazing but would like to buy something before the year is out.

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