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Mistakenly Bought Ersatz Coffee And Thought It Disgusting!

Scargod | Jun 12, 200809:54 PM    

Was is a store similar to Whole Foods and was flim-flammed into buying fake coffee! That's how I felt.... I was in the coffee area and saw "Hazelnut", in large bold letters and "medium roast" in large bold letters, as well as a picture of black stuff being poured into a coffee cup. In small, skinny, non-bold letters, which I did not think much of till later, it said "herbal coffee". I'd wanted a hazelnut flavored coffee so I didn't pay any more attention to it. I was in a strange store and I thought it was an exotic coffee brand that I had never seen before.

Man is this Teeccino brand ersatz coffee bad. I tried to like it and almost drank a third of a cup. My SO could not get that far. She is usually softspoken and diplomatic but she said, "this is really awful!" It was slightly sweet (I guess from the figs and dates). I don't know what the almonds did for it but I didn't taste hazelnutty. It left a chemical, medicinal taste in our mouth with hints of artificial sweetener (though there is none). Yuck is all I can say.
Unless you read the side panel you would think it IS coffee made from coffee beans except for the word herbal, which I thought meant that the hazelnut flavoring, the figs, dates almonds (and who knows what else), constituted calling it "herbal coffee". On close examination it seems to be mainly carob and barley with some chickory.
Does anyone like these caffeine-free herbal "coffees"? How can they legitimately call it coffee? I feel deceived.

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