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I'm on a mission- Kettle Chips New Flavor Voting- Aztec Chocolate must win


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I'm on a mission- Kettle Chips New Flavor Voting- Aztec Chocolate must win

Chowsmurf | Nov 13, 2006 05:43 PM

Yes, the Aztec Chocolate chips up for voting to be the "new" flavor for the year from Kettle Chips sounded good enough that I actually ordered the set of the new flavors that are up for voting just to see. I really enjoyed Cheddar Beer, which won last year, but didn't care for the Thai Spice ones. This years' flavor nominees are:

Aztec Chocolate
Island Jerk
Dragon 5 Spice
Royal Indian Curry
Twisted Chile Lime

I was rooting for Aztec Chocolate and Royal Indian Curry. When I got the samples of the new flavors, Aztec Chocolate was everything I thought it would be (it's a dark Mexican chocolate backed with chile powder and cumin.) The Royal Indian Curry smelled spot-on, but the taste finished a bit like Chicken Boullion. Island Jerk was a pleasant surprise. Nice bold taste, though not as much tamarind as you would expect. Dragon 5 Spice was billed as an "Asian BBQ" flavor. It was BBQ all right. I could have gone for a bolder 5-spice taste.

Twisted Chile Lime is in the lead right now. Why? Because people are boring. YAWN! Aren't there already enough Chile Lime chips on the market? They are everywhere these days. It will be a supreme waste if Twisted Chile Lime wins. It tasted like every other Chile Lime chip on the market.

The voting is taking place at - I think through the end of the year.

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