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Mis report

JackS | Jul 6, 2005 10:24 PM

So I checked out Mis tonight, the Polish restaurant in Greenpoint that Jim Leff is so happy about these days. It's at 160 Nassau, just east of McGuinness Blvd.

I had a hankering for stuffed cabbage, but they were out of that. (I showed up at about 8 pm and they close at 9). I love a good pierogi, so I ordered a plate of mixed fried pierogis. The meals there come with a choice of sides, so I ordered a salad, kasha, and cold beets.

The meal was mixed, I have to say. The cold beets were unexciting and the kasha was just awful, barely edible. The salad was pleasant and came with a dressing that was essentially tzatziki in Greek cuisine or cacik in Turkish cuisine; a yogurt-based dressing with a nice garlicky kick to it. The salad came with nice tomatoes, peppers, and those baby corn-on-the-cob things.

The pierogis were terrific, just about the best I've ever had. I ordered the fried pierogis, and they had a supple texture that deftly steered a just-right-Goldilocks middle ground between being too burnt or too soggy, surrounding not-excessive potatoes or meat and with generous dollops of sour cream and apple sauce. It also came with a side of some of the best cole slaw I've ever had, which was satisfyingly tart and crunchy, and a strange carrot salad that I could take or leave.

All this, plus a cranberry juice, was $6.50!! It was enough food for about three people, and I worried that I misunderstood the menu when it came to what goes with a meal until I got the check. Gotta love it.

I'd definitely go again, get the stuff I liked and avoid the stuff I didn't and try other stuff.

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