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Curious_foodie | May 14, 201210:29 PM

Hi all,
I've learnt a lot through these boards when I originally bought cookware in my student days - but this is the first time I am posting with a question as I now want to upgrade my cookware. I am an experienced cook with an eclectic taste in food. I cook a lot of fresh quick veges and meat in the summer, and soups, stews and braises in the winter, indian, asian food. We cook for 2 + baby with leftovers, regularly for upto 4 adults.

My constraints:
Open to investing a fair amount in high quality I would like the cookware to be versatile - multi use, possibly induction capable (though not sure where I stand on this)
Low maintenance - though we love to baby our kitchenware, with an infant and relatives who cook at our place while visiting and are rough and clueless on care, we would rather save the aggravation.
Prefer 2 looped handled pots both for storage and personal comfort

What I am keeping:
Griswold cast iron skillets
Large blue steel crepe pan for rotis, creYpes, etc
Pressure cooker
Le Creuset round dutch oven 7.25 qt
SS saucepan with pouring lip 1qt - for boiling water, chai, heating small quantities of food, etc

What I am getting for sure:
1. Demeyere Atlantis Conical Dutch oven 3.5qt . Debating whether to purchase the 5.1qt also. This is going to be my multi purpose pan for sautéing and also making curries (similar to the Indian kadhai)
2. Falk Try me saucier 1.5qt - my one copper indulgence for sauces. I know it breaks several of my constraints but I have coveted it for too long.

Under consideration:
1. Saucepans - Sambonet professionale sauce pot 2.5qt and 4.5qt
2. Rondeau - Sambonet professionale casserole - not sure of size for a good stovetop browning to oven braising pot
the reason I am considering sambonet over demeyere is that demeyere straight sided pots are not fully clad. Also I cannot find Demeyere's equivalent of the rondeau anywhere in the Atlantis line. Is it worth the price difference to the
3. Skillet for delicate fishes,other uses - Demeyere multifunction pan. Any leads on finding it in the US would be appreciate.
4. Cooking grains, oatmeal, couscous, etc - should I be considering a small Dutch oven, 3qt perhaps? This time I will go with Staub.
5. Should I be considering an enameled cast iron braisier, everyone who has it loves it? If so what size?

Please let me know your thoughts on the cookware choices. I am happy to spend the money but obviously wisely. Someday as we grow as a family and with more space I definitely going to expand into copper but for now need some workhorses that I don't have to cringe if they are abused inadvertently.

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