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Migas v. Chilaquiles Musings

Pssst | Sep 9, 200308:13 PM

I started a discussion (link below) regarding the differences between Migas and Chilaquiles on the Texas board because it is my belief that while Migas may be THE breakfast for Austinites andis well-known in Texas, I have never seen it served outsite of Texas. When I moved to San Francisco, the closest dish I could find was something called Chilaquiles.

I am interested in hearing from Texans what they believe the defining characteristics of Migas are, particularly in comparison to Chilaquiles.

My experience:
20-ish years ago – the “migas” made by my family & purchased in restaurants was a baked eggs & tortilla/chips dish with salsa, cheese, and other Mexican-ish ingredients. It was solely a breakfast food. (I remember a relative explaining it to someone as “a Mexican Breakfast Lasagne” – weird, I know.)
Today – every recipe I found on the internet was a skillet recipe.

10-ish years ago to present – the breakfast chilaquiles I can purchase in restaurants is a skillet dish with eggs & tortillas/chips (and salsa, cheese and other Mexican-ish ingredients). In general, the tortillas/chips have been dregged in the salsa/sauce and fried or cooked in some way before adding the other ingredients. Also, while breakfast chilaquiles are common, I have also seen it on lunch & dinner menus without eggs.

What happened?
Does the old baked migas still exist as served in Austin restaurants (or in homes)?
Or has the recipe evolved from a baked to skillet as served in Austin?
I don’t remember ever eating Chilaquiles in Texas growing up. Does anyone know the origin of Chilaquiles?

Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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