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Michelin Guide - how respectable?


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Michelin Guide - how respectable?

Panoz | Aug 5, 2003 09:20 PM

I was wondering exactly how respectable is the Michelin Red Guide is, to two groups. One is to chowhounds (whether they read or if they live chowhound), wherever they are. The other is to people who live in France.

For international chowhounds, when they are traveling to a country other than their own, will they go out and pick up the Red Guide for that country?

For folks who live in France, do households actually have the Guide Rouge, and they use it as a reference guide, for whenever they are in their hometown or visiting other towns? If they want a culinary experience, the Guide Rouge is THE source of information.

I wanted to know if it's something that is only used by tourist, and hence the restuarant is heavily a "tourist restaurant". Or if restauranteurs use it as a "price guide", ("oh look, we got another star, raise every dish another 10 euro"). Or does it concentrate on one thing, and that is how good is the food? And nothing else. ...well, maybe service.

Now obviously, the Red Guides are more geared towards high end inventive cooking, rather than down home cooking. And this may be a uniquely a Los Angeles thing, but high end dining tends to attact celebrities, who's motivation is a place to "see and be seen" rather than the culinary experience. If they made a Red Guide for Los Angeles, you know star merely serve as a guide for celebrities (real and wannabe) where to go.

I hope I make sense.

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