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Mexican Ice Cream Shop in Port Chester - Report


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Mexican Ice Cream Shop in Port Chester - Report

marcia | Aug 20, 2005 09:33 PM

After a nothing-special-but-it-made-the-3-year-old-happy Japanese dinner at Abis in Greenwich, we headed over to Port Chester to try the new Paleteria Fernandez. I knew it was a Latin American ice cream store, but at first wasn't sure exactly what country.

They have mostly ice cream bars in a huge assortment of different flavors. There were some drinks called flavores de leche and flavores de aqua (translated on the menu, reasonably enough, as milk flavors and water flavors). They appeared to be milk or water based fruit drinks, but I don't know how they're made or what distinguishes them from, say, watered down juice. There was a small case of ice creams. I had the strawberry "ice cream" which was really more like a sorbet. Intense strawberry flavor, a bit sweeter than would be my ideal, but I'm a little weird about how much sugar should be in my fruit flavored things. But really good. My husband had a mango and chile bar. I had a few tastes and thought it was very, very good, a great combination. They're obviously using lots of very flavorful, ripe fruit. I only had a few tastes; my husband thought that, after a while, the heat built up so much that it became all about the chiles. The 3 year old decided that he wanted a Jamaica flavored bar, not so helpfully translated as Jamaica. It was a deep purpley red color and I asked the guy behind the counter what it was made of. He just said it was sour. I asked if it was sorrel and he said yes. The chowpup likes to suck lemons, so we let him have the Jamaica bar. It was kind of tart, kind of sweet, only faintly flavored (other than tart and sweet), but my son loved it.

I would definitely get the strawberry again, but it would also love to try some of the other flavors. I would definitely get the mango-chile, but wouldn't be surprised if I had to abandon it part way through because of the heat.

As I was looking around I saw they had a flavor called cajeta, translated as dulce de leche. I know the food as dulce de leche because I was introduced to it by an Argentine, but I knew that the same stuff is called cajeta in Mexico, so I guessed the store was Mexican.

They had a bunch of flavors that didn't really translate into English, so I came home and did some research. Based on the descriptions I found of some of the untranslatable flavors, I'd say the place is definitely Mexican.

The flavors I had to come home and look up were:

Ronpope = eggnog (oddly, they had some other stuff labelled eggnog in English)

Nance = a yellow, acid, somewhat cherry like fruit

Guanabana = soursop (again, there was other stuff labelled soursop)

Limon con chia = Lemon with chia seeds, with chia being a member of the mint family and apparently full of healthy things. Could this be the same stuff that grows on Chia Pets?

Something they called chongos samoranos and translated as samoranos knots. Research reveals a Mexican dessert called chongos zamoranos that's basically curdled (with rennet, not with old, bad, disgustingness) and mixed with cinnamon and sugar.

Something they called chongos sumos and translated as sumo knots that remains a mystery to me.

Other flavors included avocado, pico de gallo (jicama, peppers, chiles etc), banana, chocolate, vanilla, strawberries and cream, 9 million different kinds of fruit.

All in all, I'm looking forward to going back and trying lots of new and interesting things. I wish there were more flavors of ice cream, instead of so many bars, just because I find ice cream a bit more convenient, both for me and for feeding the chowpup, but we will definitely be back. This is going to be fun.

Paleteria Fernandez
33 N. Main St.
Port Chester

Across the street from Q and one block closer to Westchestr Ave.

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