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Mexican Cookbooks

AZ | Sep 1, 2002 11:31 PM

After living in Los Angeles for 25 years, moving as many are want to do farther away each move from the centers of local ethnic cuisine, I finally find myself residing for a time in close proximity to a continual and ample source of Mexican spices along with good produce at very reasonable prices.

The "Time to Cook Mexican Cuisine" instead of just ambling to our favorite restaurant light has switched on!

So rather than follow my normal path of thumbing through cookbooks at my favorite cookbook store, buying too many, then trying recipes from each until I found the one book that wasn't just pretty but made sense and always worked, I thought this time I would, to borrow a phrase, cut to the chow.

I now beseech those of you who have mastered 8 different kinds of mole, can taste the difference in your dishes between dried and fresh bay leaves (oh there's a tell tale bay tree in your yard not far from the lemon tree, isn't there?), and prefer to wrap your tamales when there are as many people watching as possible because of the confidence your skills have allowed you to attain, to permit me to impose upon you a simple question:

what is the NAME of the most stained, battered, book marked, you always know where it is and good luck and ample healing to anyone who ever dares to move it without your permission COOKBOOK of the cuisine of Mexico in or steps from your kitchen, from which frequently and certainly every weekend and holiday wafts the most delicious cooking smells any reasonable human being would be happy to encounter?

My gratitude to you for your generosity in sharing this knowledge with me.


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