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What are these metal loaf pans?


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What are these metal loaf pans?

How | Dec 26, 2005 12:58 PM

A friend gave me a metal loaf pan and suggested that I cook a few thngs with it. To my surprise, this pan, which looks quite ordinary, i.e. no fancy coating on it (in fact, it's quite fright--looks like alumninum), is a non-stick pan that works extremely well. To my further surprise, my friend said she got it for $1 at a Dollar store of some kind.

Does anyone know anything about these pans? Is there any reason to believe they are unsafe in any way? If I put water or oil in this pan, it just slides around and will not coat the pan.

There's a label in the pan giving the hame of the manufacturer, but no indication of the material, any coating on the pan, etc.

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