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I need to purchase a deep fry/candy thermometer and an oven thermometer for my niece (grill thermometer too, but I don't see that listed below). Initially, I was looking at these two items from the popular company, Taylor:

1. https://www.taylorusa.com/products/cu...

2. https://www.taylorusa.com/products/pr...

But the shipping (Hawaii) is almost the same price as the items. Then, I started looking at relevant old threads here on CH and saw this post by a user:

He recommends buying a thermometer from an industrial supply store. I took a look at their supply and I was considering these two:
1. oven thermometer

^ This thermometer uses Therminol 59 as a liquid and I think it is not toxic like Mercury, but I'm not totally sure.

2. deep fry thermometer

^ The item I selected is:
Clip-On Thermometer, 8" Stem Long, 3" Dial Diameter
Temperature Range 0° to 250° F

What do you think?

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