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Men cook dinner/women cook dinner


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Men cook dinner/women cook dinner

Nyleve | May 31, 2007 03:48 PM

So a few couples were sitting around the other day and we decided to have a Men-Cook-Dinner Night sometime soon. This would be followed by a Women-Cook-Dinner Night not too long thereafter. It's not exactly an earth-shattering concept but some of our partners are excellent cooks, others are not so much. Anyway, we (the women) want to watch the men struggle to organize, plan and execute a meal with no outside help. And, just to be fair, the women will do the same.

What we need is a level playing field. Not sure exactly how to set this challenge out. There appear to be 5 couples - so 2 teams of 5 each. We talked about cooking from a specific cookbook, or tackling a particular theme. But so far no decision has been reached. Any suggestions?

Here is what we are dealing with in terms of men (please don't take this personally, any men out there reading this - it is not a global judgement, merely an observation of this specific group): One man is studying culinary arts part time and has always revelled in producing fabulous European-inspired food; one man is a mad artist who eats whole heads of garlic raw and doesn't cook anything that takes more than 10 minutes to prepare; one is a methodical accountant whose specialite is grilled meat; one is a filmmaker who I'm not sure how much he cooks; and finally, another artist who, left to his own devices would survive on fried liver or canned sardines (he can cook a potato, I know that).

In the women's camp, most of us are passable cooks, one is a food-related professional, the others hobbyists. One semi-vegetarian (she'll eat fish and chicken, but not crazy about red meat). We can all cook our way through just about anything, and we're quite accustomed to cooperating with one another. (This, I feel, is where we clearly have it over the men.)

Anyway - any ideas how to structure this dinner-challenge? All suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

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