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Memphis BBQ in Woodbridge. Terrible.

duckdown | Apr 8, 200808:52 PM

Good evening

So today I finally tried Memphis BBQ in Woodbridge, after reading much about it on this board.

I cannot express my disappointment enough.. Our order was a Full Rack Dinner, and a Pulled Pork Sandwich (Both served with fries and coleslaw and cornbread).. I don't even know where to begin

Let me first say I noticed right away when I pulled up to the place that there was NO aroma of smoke whatsoever; even more perplexing is that this applied to inside the restaurant as well.

So we placed our order and paid a hefty $35 for it, and were looking forward to chowing down.

The ribs, had NO smoke ring at all. Literally none. They were not very tender and certainly were nowhere near "falling off the bone" consistency. Completely grey meat throughout the entire thing.. Also, the ribs were just sitting in some kind of basin and once I ordered them they proceeded to throw them on the grill (what the hell?) I guess this is their way of warming them up or something, it certainly is something I would never do when I smoke my own ribs in the summertime. Both me and my guest said they were "OK, nowhere near the best we've ever had." Baton Rouge's ribs are better even, which should say alot. Also was not a fan of the way they were trimmed; the meat/cartlidge that extend past the ends of the bone were still intact, and made for quite a gristly/cartlidge laden mouthful if you attempted to chew anything past the solid rib bones itself.. A waste already.

The cole slaw was underdressed, and dried out. Probably had been sitting in a large tub, pre-made a week in advance. No flavor, no moistness, no zest. A very small portion.

As if any of this wasn't bad enough, it gets worse. The pulled pork sandwich was literally the worst pulled pork I have ever had in my life. It had a "rubbery" consistency, was dry, and just had some sauce dumped over it at the end, served on a hot dog bun. What is especially confusing is that it ACTUALLY _tasted_ like rubber or plastic as well. I don't know if they were storing it in some kind of plastic container or bag that seemed to have tainted the flavor of the meat, or what. I mean it was so bad, half of the sandwich went uneaten and was thrown out. I mean I cannot stress enough that this was truely the worst pulled pork I've ever had.

Most memorable part of the meal? The stingy slice of cornbread that came with each of our meals, and the battered fries were OK I guess.

If there is one thing I am trying to get across here, it is that I definitely do not reccomend this place at all. Sweet Smoke in Oakville is light years ahead of it in quality and taste; I wish I could get a refund almost and trade it for a similarly-priced meal at Sweetsmoke (although I have pet peeves with them too; mainly that theres no potato items on the menu at all. No baked potatoes, no fries, nothing. And its slightly more expensive... $24 at sweetsmoke for the full rack dinner vs $21 at memphis bbq)

I guess they make some pretty good wings, because while I was waiting for my food about 4 other people were there ordering strictly chicken wings.. Maybe I should have given that a shot.

Overpriced, dry, bland food that does not justify the classic BBQ moniker whatsoever in my humble opinion.. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but we didn't really enjoy anything we had tonight


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