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Memories of deep fried McDonald's Apple Pies


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Memories of deep fried McDonald's Apple Pies

LovelyAsia | Apr 6, 2009 09:33 AM

I am not a fan of most fast food, but growing up I always loved the deep fried apple pies from McDonald's.

According to friends and family I bake the best apple pie ever (spending years perfecting my recipe) and they could not understand why I would want an inferior fast food apple pie, but I really missed those deep fried apple pies - out of nostalgia mostly, I guess.

I was thrilled to discover on the weekend that Pizza Hut's Wing Street locations have mini apple pies on their menu and they are a cute little version of the deep fried apple pies of my childhood but these are dusted in cinnamon sugar like the Tiny Tom donuts at the Ex (another nostalgic memory).

I might be the only one who missed these things, but in case I am not, I thought I would post about it. :D

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