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And More On Melting Pot


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And More On Melting Pot

Melmybelle | Jun 26, 2006 09:29 PM

I've been to a Melting Pot in Maryland. They're a good time if you don't mind having your dining mates dipping into the same pot as you. When I've been I've done 3 courses of fondue... cheese, main course, and dessert. I'd skip the salad as it's definitely very filling... especially the cheese fondue.

There are several different options for each course. I think I chose the traditional cheese fondue which is I think Gruyere and white wine. It's served with bread and crudite for dipping. The cold veggies in warm cheese is a nice contrast.

For the main courses you can choose your meats and your liquid for cooking. The two I had were both a bit bland...I can't recall exactly what they were, but they were both broth based versus oil (trying to watch my waistline). I recall enjoying the seafood the most for dipping because it cooks quickly.

Fondue is a lot of fun because it gives you an activity and some time to chat while your food cooks. It also leads to funny moments when you try to fish out your lost meat with your little spear and "man down" spoon.

The chocolate fondues are excellent, but the actual plate of items for dipping is a bit lacking. Pound cake is the best, followed by fruit and marshmallows.

Also, it's a little on the pricey side, if I recall. But it's fun and worth a try. It's a different dining experience. And, my brother took his wife on their first date to the Melting Pot... so it has a good place in my heart!

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