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Melrose Diner and nightmare cakes...

Psmith | Mar 3, 200203:35 PM     7

Hi all,

I usually confine my ramblings to the Boston list but the current situation is bordering on an outright emergency and I think only the Philadelphia area chowhounds can help. So, I submit myself on bended knee and beg assistance.

Here's the problem:

Last night I had a dream. In the dream there was a cake. The cake is my problem. This cake, the likes of which haven't confronted me in about 15 years, was clearly from the Melrose Diner. It was white or cream-colored with little ripples all around it. If I remember correctly the visual effect was similar to what might happen if one ran a comb through icing. The icing on the cake was think and creamy. As a child I loved this cake but now it haunts me. I woke up and realized that I have no idea what kind of cake I was eating all those years ago. I don't have a passionate relationship with dessert foods and rarely eat sweets (unless you put in front of me one of those chocolate cakes with the hot, molten chocolate center like you can get at Grill 23 in Boston or Al Forno in Providence, RI. ohmigawd. My relationship with that particular dessert is more than passionate. It is downright pornographic) but I know that I have never seen a cake anywhere else that resembled this Melrose Diner cake. I'm sure other bakeries (is bakery the appropriate term for place that sells cakes?) somewhere make it but I don't know what to ask for. And that is the problem. What cake were my parents bringing home from the Melrose Diner? Was it really as good as I remember it? Are my memories exaggerated now or was I just an impressionable and silly boy all those years ago when I was so impressed by this cake a decade later I would have a dream about it? Why in all the intervening years, have I never had a piece of cake that had that unique thick, creamy outside. And why, given that I know (or do I?)such a cake exists and is so good, has it failed to sweep the nation with its yummy brilliance?

Luckily Melrose Diner has a web page with desserts listed. I wonder if I was eating Buttercream Layer Cake. But there's no picture or description. Does anyone know what Buttercream Layer Cake is? Does anyone have a guess as to what this mystery nightmare cake of my youth is?

Thanks for any thoughts. I'm aware that my limited ability to describe this elusive but uber-powerful Doomcake which is rapidly causing acute existential crisis and threatening my complete mental collapse may be tantamount to walking into a video store and asking the clerk if she has "that movie with that guy .. takes place in a city .. you know, from the 80s" but I had to try.

Melrose Diner is the place that used to play the "Everybody who knows / goes / to Melrose" jingle on the radio in case that stirs anyone's memory.

Link: http://www.melrose-diner.com/

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