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elfcook | Nov 27, 2009 10:19 AM

I am looking for a little help. Two weeks ago, my meat thermometer died. It was given to me by my SIL who had 2. I have no idea of the brand (already chucked it), but it was fantastic for roasting chickens. I picked up a Taylor wireless thermometer as a replacement. I put it in my turkey (which was still frozen in spots - I know, but I gave it 5 days!) and it read 50 degrees. After less than 5 min in a 325 oven, it was climbing past 80 degrees with no end in sight. Yeah, not working. Luckily I have my trusty instant-read one, and the turkey was very good.

So what kind of thermometer do you recommend? I really like having one with a probe I can leave in the oven, and the digital display that signals near the end. I do not need a wireless unit that I can carry with me, but it is ok if it has one. Any tried & true? Any to avoid? Also, where did you buy the ones you like? THANKS!

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