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McMillan's Bakery on Haddon Ave. in New Jersey has the Best Cream Donuts I have tasted


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McMillan's Bakery on Haddon Ave. in New Jersey has the Best Cream Donuts I have tasted

FayeD | Apr 30, 2012 10:24 AM

I learned about McMillan's Bakery through the Birthday Cake thread. I wasn't looking for a birthday cake but several Chowhounds remarked they had great cream donuts and other items. I am willing to go out of my way for a great cream donut (even going to Avalon once) so my daughter and I made the trip yesterday.

We were traveling from Paoli which is about 25 miles West of Philadelphia. According to the map directions I printed the trip should have taken about 50 minutes. But either something was wrong with the directions or we did something wrong because the Haddon Avenue the directions took us to was not the same Haddon Ave. where the bakery is located. Maybe the town was wrong - at this ponit I am not sure if they are in Westmont or Collingswood or just somewhere in Haddon Township? In any case, we went to her GPS, which we would have used to begin with but it is an older one, and she indicated seems to present problems in New Jersey. But it provided different directions and it got us to the Bakery. As it turns out, there is a much easier way of going there once you cross the Ben Franklin Bridge and we will go that way the next time.

Now as to the donuts - they were wonderful - and had the most cream I have ever seen in a donut. They aren't cheap - I think it works out to about $1.30 per donut - but the amount of cream is unreal. And it isn't just a large quantity of cream, the cream is a very good quality. I have been to some places that had decent amounts of cream - not as much as this - but fair amounts - but the cream can taste commercial. These were wonderful and really if you want to try something else, are enough to share. These donuts are definitely worth traveling a distance for.

I also had the tea biscuits which were very good but probably not worth making a special trip, sticky buns which my husband said were very good but not the best he has ever had (I don't really care much about those) and sampled a small cinnamon bun type item they had on a plate for sampling. That was very good although I don't know really what it was called. In addition I purchased chocolate eclairs which had whipped cream filling - something you don't usually see - since most have custard. I enjoyed the eclair last night but can't say it was the best I have ever had. I have very fond memories of either whipped cream eclairs or chocolate whipped cream fudge cake from H&H, and the eclair from McMillan's did not exceed that. Or maybe, my memories from my childhood aren't realistic. I also purchased two cupcakes but with all the other goodies, those went right to the freezer. Finally tried some of their cookies - also very good - but probably also not worth a special trip.

In the Birthday Cake thread on this board, some Chowhounds mentioned snowflake rolls, pepperoni bread and some other items, but I had already purchased so much, I sort of forgot about those. Another time maybe.

I really enjoyed going to this bakery and the staff there was really nice and patient. It is a third generation family bakery. I recommend a trip.

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