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McDonald's flavoring..yea or neah?


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McDonald's flavoring..yea or neah?

fara | Nov 2, 2006 02:51 PM

According to Food Nation, McD's does a lot of terrible things, but they are villified -I guess unfairly- for using artificial flavoring.
today I grabbed a hot homefry thing and a sausage and cheese egg mcmuffin. I noticed cinnamon hints in the cofee, thai pepper and coconut in the sandwich and a very fresh smell of potato in the homefry. All of this added up to a very yummy brunch, I'm not sure how I will feel later, but that's besides the point.I would think these are obviously all artificial flavoring done in the best labs.

So, has anyone else experienced this, and what do you think of hints of thai pepper in your mcd's sandwich? i know jim leff wrote about artificial flavorings in general. it probably does cover up a nutritionally deficient food, but is it misleading?

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