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mayophobia: help me overcome my childhood fear!


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mayophobia: help me overcome my childhood fear!

Rafi | Jul 26, 2001 02:12 PM

Okay, here's the thing:

For as long as I can remember I've had a morbid fear of mayonaise. Too white and gooey. Too cold and slimy. Too wonderbread-y. Too...blch! A drop of it on a sandwich and I can't eat for the rest of a meal. Even the sight of a jar can make me slam the door of a fridge in disgust. Okay, I'm exaggerating a little... Nontheless, I have a real problem. I need to be able to eat a real BLT...aioli on my artichoke...hollandaise on my eggs.... Too much of the world is outside the reach of my stomach. Not acceptable!

I had my first (intentional) taste in years when a dollop of lemon flavored mayo appeared next to the sandabs on my plate about a month ago. Surprise, it wasn't so bad. Of course it helped that this was at Chez Panisse! Now that I've opened the door, what can I do to further the breakdown of my inhibitions? what I'm thinking is this: if I make the mayo myself, and see the ingredients in front of me, then maybe I'll be able to eat it. After all, I don't have a problem with eggs or oil. Also, I'm thinking the lemon helped -- so maybe its some lemon zest...or maybe a really garlicky aioli that will have so much punch it won't seem like mayo...?

Recipes? Advice?

I know I'll never be one of those people who eats sponfuls of Best Foods right out of the jar, but I'd like not to have to run in fear everytime someone says "thousand island"...

Thanks in advance!

Chow. Rafi

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