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Mauviel Stainless Steel Pitting


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Mauviel Stainless Steel Pitting

nbatalla | Dec 5, 2017 06:51 AM

My wife and I just upgraded our cookware to the Mauviel M Collection. Prior to upgrading I did a lot of research on proper care and use of SS cookware, unfortunately I did not pass this info onto wife before she got her hands on one of the sauce pans.

She boiled some potatoes and added salt to the water before it was at the proper temperature. I noticed some staining at the bottom and was unsure if this was the pitting I've read so much about or just some staining. It doesn't feel like pitting since it's smooth, but I'm new to SS so I don't want to assume.

Can anyone identify if this is pitting or just discoloration. I've tried vinegar and baking soda and no luck removing it. Thanks!

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