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Masterpiece of Ugliness


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Masterpiece of Ugliness

Quine | Jul 9, 2012 04:20 PM

OK, I was cool with the new drop downs, sleek, modern, but not well loved by the .01%. The "new" Map to show you where you are inside of CH, is meaningless, as you can only be one level down, no matter where you go.
But it IS ugly. The colors clash like nails on a chalkboard, the font is too small to match the level of importance it is supposed to have, and it is clunky. I move it out of sight to read the post.

But today you dove straight into the ugly pool. What you did with the "related discussions" which looked VERY good before, is now so neon ugly, it needs eye bleach. Why move the "New Thread" to that location?

What is with the ghosting of the text? It should be solid. And All of CH is in a san serif style, and suddenly you now throw in, not just italics, but a font with serifs??

This is FAIL.

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