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Masterchef Junior 1/20/2015

Firegoat | Jan 21, 201508:21 AM

Not going to do a full recap because Eater already has a decent one out there. Here's a link.... And yes of course the link is full of spoilers.


A few thoughts. I was surprised the kids all seemed horrified by the "old" ingredients. I mean if they had 100 year old eggs or something maybe. But that aged steak, the gorgeous ham, I was salivating. I would have loved to work with those ingredients. Even the "stinky" cheese wasn't that stinky. I mean a lot more options out there for stinky cheese that are a lot more difficult to deal with than just a blue cheese.

Didn't envy any of them for working with alligator but thought Nathan doing chili was a smart move, altho not sure how he got so many "layers of flavor" in an hour. It takes me all day, sometimes all weekend to get a chili right.

Andrew seems to be a standout, I know he'll be compared to Samuel from last season. Seems like a likable kid. Really the only kids I don't care for too much are Cory (with the fake glasses and over the top reactions) and Riley who just seems too tiny to really compete. (altho he had a top dish in the first challenge)

I thought I'd hate all the judge's schtick they keep bringing, but I'm weirdly finding it kind of endearing.

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