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Martini Garnishes

A_Gonzalez | Jan 4, 201408:38 PM

Alright, I've been thinking a lot about garnishes lately (consequence of having too much time on my hands), and I've been wondering: the olive and the cocktail onion both seem to be garnishes that are only ever used in one cocktail.

How is this? I can think of dozens of cocktails that use citrus twists, cherries, mint, fruit wedges, cinnamon sticks, or other common garnishes, but olives and onions seem to only have one use. To anyone who knows more cocktail history than me, why might this be? Did they used to be more common garnishes, with all other drinks that use them having disappeared? Or were they just bar snacks that someone had the brilliant idea to drop in a Martini?

Also, side note, I notice that even at cocktail-oriented bars, the more I try ordering Gibsons, the more I get told the bar doesn't have any onions. To any other Gibson drinkers: how much luck do you have when ordering at bars or restaurants?

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