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The best marshmallows of all time - and marshmallow fluff?


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The best marshmallows of all time - and marshmallow fluff?

AnneInMpls | Apr 11, 2009 10:18 PM

What makes for a perfect home-made marshmallow? (Plain only, please - no fancy flavors or coatings. I want the pure, unadulterated taste of marshmallow.)

Although I've never made my own, I've been greatly disappointed in the past. I recently splurged on some "gourmet" marshmallows at a local upscale store, and they were extremely meh. (They were Laura's - http://www.lcandy.com/product.php?cat... .) I ended up throwing most of them away.

On the other hand, I once had a marshmallow in my hot chocolate that was so amazing that I saw stars. (It was at Hot Chocolate in Chicago - http://www.hotchocolatechicago.com - a nice enough place with good hot chocolate, but that marshmallow was truly earth-shattering!)

So, what was the difference? Why were Laura's marshmallows so mediocre when Hot chocolate's marshmallows were so fabulous?

Is it the ingredients? Perhaps the choice of liquid sweetener (corn syrup or honey or agave or who knows)? Egg whites vs no egg whites? The quality of the sugar? The vanilla?

Or is it the recipe? Martha Stewart VS Alton Brown? Barefoot Contessa VS Eileen Talanian? Better than Storebought VS Cooking for Engineers? Epicurious VS chowhound?

I'm overwhelmed by possibilities...


Please help me find the ultimate recipe and/or ingredients that produce a truly heavenly marshmallow. I need to replicate that divine experience from Hot Chocolate in Chicago.

As a side question, can one make marshmallow fluff from a marshmallow recipe? I have a friend who's nuts about fluffernutter sandwiches, and would love a jar of marshmallow fluff. (OK, I cannot tell a lie - it's really me. A jar or two of stellar marshmallow fluff in the pantry would make me a very happy woman!)


P.S If I find the perfect recipe, I plan to make my own caramel-coated marshmallows for holiday treats next winter. (Mostly because they're fab, but partly to use up all the egg whites left over from my husband's famous toffee bars.)

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