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how many marshmallows in lucky charms...


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how many marshmallows in lucky charms...

Allison Blumenthal | Jan 28, 2004 09:01 PM

Alright all of you lucky charms fans... I have been having an ongoing discussion with my two boys, ages 8 & 10 about my beloved junk cereal... I grew up eating luck charms on the lucky occasions that my dad was feeling generous and got us a variety pack and my sisters didnt get to the charms before me... I CLEARLY recall having to carefully portion my marshmallows to last the entire bowl. If not, you were inevitably left with three or so spoonfulls of plain cereal at the end.

NOW, I am finding that there are an INSANE quantity of marshmallows in the charms- I am blown away, and even for me there are too many- it is just out of balance. You want a few marshmallows to counterbalance the plain cereal, but I really dont want a bowl of chalky marshmallows for breakfast (They are actually best eaten for desert in my opinion...)

My question is - are there really more marshmallows in the cereal or is it my imagination? I was of course unable to get a straight answer from general mills- they seem unable to waver from their scripted responses to email inquiry...

Any sleuths out there who know how to find out the proportions over time?

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