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One Market, DAT review (long, but yummy)

Big Stu | Feb 8, 200401:50 PM     3

Hi Melanie and all the other SF Chowhounds. Long-time reader, first time poster, life-long Chowhound.

One Market, DAT review.

The concept of DAT should be simple, try a new place or sample some dishes at a place where you might not normally go. Find a restaurant to add to your personal Zagat's, or share with a friend. I'll share.

Big Stu and Miss Madge had a most delicious DAT experience at One Market. We are foodies and I'm a Chowhound. We eat out 1-2 per week, and I've been to most places I've wanted to go to in S.F. My philosophy is: "It's easy to have a good meal for $100, the trick is to find a great meal for $30." I've had some OK DAT meals, but yet to have a great one.

We did find a great meal, two in fact. One Market "gets" the DAT concept. They've selected items from their regular menu. Items to try and if you like you can order regularly. Plus putting regular menu items on the DAT prix fixe displays the kitchen expertise with consistent items.

Also, One Market is smart. They have the same menu for the entire DAT. The hostess told me it's so they can attract new diners; not get the same people every week eating a different line-up. It's working. The chef told a friend they are getting lots of DAT dinners. It's easy to see why.

Big Stu started with spinach soup. There was a small center island of mushrooms. Cream swirled on top. Miss Madge went with smoked trout and toasted brie. The smoke was very aromatic, but not over-powering. Eat the toasted brie croquette first before it cools.

I reserved our seats on-line, and REQUESTED seats with a view of the kitchen. We were pleased to have seats at the counter. I know lots of people don't like the counter. The couple next to us was complaining as they were shown their seats -- walk-ins on a full night. Sit back and enjoy the show, it's like a version of the TV show the restaurant in person. Must see TV, indeed.

Back to the Chow. Entrees
Sea Bass, a disk 4" in diameter. The fish was very tender and flaky. Lobster butter sauce comes in a miniature pitcher to be savored over the entrée.

Madge had pork shoulder. Sitting by the kitchen, I can tell you how it is prepared. They are marinated in a baggy, held in warm water, and then opened as needed. One Market has their own butcher shop in the back. There is also a chef's table, $70/per person for a 7 course tasting menu min. 6 people.

After our entrée we received a little surprise. Except for "all you can eat", are there any four words more welcome than "with the chef's compliments"? These words tickled Big Stu's ears, just our attentive waiter presented a refresher which tickled our palate. Blood Orange served over a Campari Ice slush. These were being served to diners at the counter this evening. In addition to watching yours and everyone else's meal being prepared, we got a treat. A tasty interlude.

Desserts were sublime, according to Madge.
Chocolate cake in the form of mousse for Big Stu. Sherfen Berger chocalte made the dish rich, and dense, but light tasting.
Pear tart for Madge, who mourns the passing of pear season, putting away the ripening/rottening bag at home. The tart dessert is the way to have a pear. The crust was flaky. Red was fascinated with the pear chip garnish. She theorized maybe the creme brulee torch was used, or perhaps a drier.

We learned the pears are thinly sliced on a meat slicer (you can use a mandolin), covered with sugar and cooked on a tray in the center of an oven for 3 hours. By not doing them in a food dehydrator, they don't curl up on the sides.

Wine selection is extensive. The wine room is in the front and kept at a 59.7 F.

The best $30 per person + $10 for Madge's red wine (Big Stu is not a drinker)

We definitely will return, the service was attentive and prompt. The view was great. You have not lived until you've seen seven pork shoulders (one order split), three sea bass, and two lamb-three-ways all come out at the same time.

Chef Adrian Hoffman has livened up the menu and brought together an interesting take on cuisine.

For those doing the DAT math, the usual entree is $26, so for $4 more you get an appetizer, and dessert. Making me think, this was a great meal for $60 each, a wonderful meal at DAT prices. This is the best DAT I've had in all the years I've dined out. Too bad it only lasts a month. If you missed, mark your calendar for next year’s DAT.

Bon appetit. Stay tuned for Big Stu’s Chow-gathering

Dine About Town
January 2-31


First Course
Organic Spinach and Radish Soup
pureed smooth, served with anise yogurt
and roasted mushrooms
Smoked Trout and Winter Fruit Salad
with walnut emulsion and brie croquette

Roasted Gypsy Peppers
stuffed with chard, almonds
and smoked sheep’s milk cheese,
cannelini bean puree
Corvina Sea Bass
poached in a porcini broth with coral butter
and confit turnip
“Braised & Glazed”
Berkshire Pork Shoulder
green onion farro,
grape and toasted almond salad

Market Fruit Sorbets
seasonal fruit garnish, almond tuile
Baked Scharffen Berger
Chocolate Mousse
milk chocolate sabayon and vanilla custard
Brown Butter Pear Tart
port cranberry sauce and vanilla bean ice cream

Link: http://www.onemarket.com/

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