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Marcona Almonds - Inedible?


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Marcona Almonds - Inedible?

krissywats | Aug 20, 2007 07:13 PM

I purchased some marcona almonds from Trader Joe's that are salted and have bits of rosemary. I was so excited to try a new almond for a snack. I rushed home and opened them up, popped the first couple in my mouth and proceeded to spit them out and gag. They were the most bitter thing I've ever put in my mouth. I can't even describe the level of bitterness because it is unlike anything I've ever tasted. Revolting.

So, is this usual? What's the deal with marcona almonds? Everything I've read online doesn't mention bitterness once - and this isn't rancidity - that I know. It's just bitter like the bitterest greens you've ever tried. Like broccoli rabe. But more bitter.

OK, you get it - they were bitter. My husband thought the rosemary? But I don't think so, I eat rosemary all the time - in all forms and have never encountered bitter.

Thoughts? I'm afraid to open the other bag to see if it's a fluke.

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