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Marcel Vigneron in Wired Magazine?


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Marcel Vigneron in Wired Magazine?

Lemon Curry | Apr 25, 2007 02:42 PM

So, as part of their "Rave Awards" issue, they have an online feature on Marcel's cooking. Say what you will about him on Top Chef (personally, I found him repellant, but only slightly more so than some of the others), but I think it's a shame that Wired is featuring him as some sort of innovative Molecular Gastronomist. If they wanted to do a decent feature on someone in experimental cuisine they should have gone to, say, Will Goldfarb or Wylie Dufresne or Grant Achatz (or even Adria himself) instead of a groupie who is only vaguely well-known because he was on TV.

any thoughts?

(the article is available at )

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