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Marble Slab: Utterly Drab


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Marble Slab: Utterly Drab

Molly Symmonds | Aug 17, 2002 02:20 AM

First a rant, then a rec.

Prompted by a friend's rave, I stopped by a newly-opened outpost of the Marble Slab Creamery franchise tonight and have this to say: ugh. My first beef, as it were, is with Marble Slab's morgue-evoking name. The product's many bells and whistles, in the form of add-ins (called mixins - not cute and ungrammatical - on the menu) and white chocolate-dipped cones (a bastardization in more ways than one) spelt overkill to me. The ice cream itself was strange. I strongly suspected industrial flavorings, and my friend found the product "oily" and strangely tongue-coating. I just checked the Web site ( for proof in the form of nutritional info (came up dry) and found this disgusting marketing copy: "When you visit Marble Slab Creamery, we want you to enjoy more than just a sweet treat. We want to provide you with a unique and memorable ice cream experience."
Sweet Lord, what rot.

Has anyone else tried this stuff?

But take heart, and New Yorkers take note: There is worthy ice cream out there, and as of last summer, it was available at Gristedes. I actually wrote a letter complimenting the creamery after tasting La Creme Cremaillere's Cherry Clafoutis. La Creme Cremaillere (points docked for the tongue-twisting and somewhat redundant name) is in upstate New York, which must be why I haven't seen for sale anywhere else in these United States, natch.

Other low-key ice creams of note, Chowhounds? I am hunting for cassis (blackcurrant) sorbet. Anyone have a recipe and a source for blackcurrants? I shudder to think of trying to make it with Ribena or similar.



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