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Mango Thai in Park Slope - humdrum


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Mango Thai in Park Slope - humdrum

Louise | Apr 26, 2004 06:41 PM

We tried Mango Thai last night. Snore. I mean, it wasn't awful, but yet again I'm left wondering about that eternal Brooklyn query: why isn't there an AMAZING Thai place (or Indian, or Chinese, and so on...) in a neighborhood that would clearly support a quality place.

This has been debated ad nauseum on these pages and I'm not looking to start the debate anew. Suffice to say that Mango is no precedent-setter. To be fair, the menu is a little more ambitious than the usual - certainly longer - and both menu and ambience seem to have been designed with care. It is affordable (although not a steal) and BYOB, so there's a plus in the "budget-friendly" column.

We probably could have ordered far more creatively. We had spring rolls (eh, had better in a million places, had worse as well though), tom kha gai (really boring assortment of veggies that were slightly over cooked, nice quality chicken, semi-flavorful but uninspoired broth with zero zing factor), mango chicken wings (more like chiekcn wings coated with some serious honey - hard to eat without using your hands and extremely sticky, with no wetnap provided - they were tatsy-ish but I say get the honey wings at Utopia and strike the word mango from the description of these wings altogether), Mongolain beef (bizarre choice that my husband ordered, hardly a Thai yardstick dish, but done OK, had some kick to it, beef was tasty and not overcooked but a little tough), and a drunken noodle, also with beef. I have yet to meat a broad noodle with egg that I don't enjoy, and this one was decent, almost very good, with a nice semi-kick and plenty of tasty egg bits. Next time I would go with just veggie as the beef was, as stated abpove, a bit tough and kind of ruined the soft comfort of the noodles and egg.

Servies was a little stiff and impersonal. A third person with us really wanted a big spicy soup as an entree, and the menu has soups in large and small sizes. She ordered a large fisherman soup but the guy insisted this was a big soup for 2 or 3 to share. She explained she wanted a big soup as an enrree but he wouldn;t let her have it, instead insisting she get a tom yum soup and a side dish instead! The large soup was $7 so technically she could have just eaten that and it wouldn't have broken the bank to not finish it. I foun it weird that they were so unaccommodating about this even though we explained what we wanted. The tom yum was reported to be okay, but seemed plagued by the same blah veggies as the tom kha.

In short, I might go back if I'm in a BYO mood and try some of the tastier-sounding duck and fish dishes, but generally if I'm going to eat average Thai I'd rather walk over to Long Tan and have a nice fat delicious cocktail with it. Or go to McDonald Avenue or Red Hook and try the Thai places there that people have been saying nice things about lately. Mango was better than Rice, T, or Lemongrass.

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