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mango puree

gp | Jan 17, 200507:00 PM

Mango lassi, mango lassi, mango lassi.....they've been on my mind (can you tell?).

So I went to my local Indian market yesterday I had a minor dilemma in that I couldn't decide which brand of mango puree to buy. I saw about 5-10 brands. They were all about the same size (30 oz) and ranged in price from $1.89 - $2.50

I ended up using my method of "whatever brand that has the emptiest space on the shelf" technique. If it's gone, it must be popular right?

I ended up buying a brand from company called “Deep” and it had an oil lamp as its icon, it was $1.99. It was good, sweet, rich orange color...but just the tiniest bit tinny tasting. It had a better mango taste than the whole pieces of mango in a can from the Asian markets, better color too. (I haven’t had luck buying good fresh mangos that ripened properly lately.) I have TJ's frozen mangos in my freezer but my Indian friends insist that the canned puree is the best for lassi. Besides, it's shelf stable and I don't have too much room left in my freezer.

I'd like to know what everyone's favorite brand of mango puree. What are some other uses for mango puree? Any favorite recipes? I had a great mango soft serve ice cream/frozen yogurt at a restaurant once.....I wish Yogurt Park in Berkeley would have that flavor.

I posted this question on another message board and only had one response. :(

I need chowhound help.

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