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Old Mandarin Chinese Restaurant

Ciaohound | Jun 26, 200210:25 AM     8

When I called last night to place a take-out order, I asked the fellow on the phone which of the chicken dishes on the menu had the most vegetables and was the spiciest. He started to describe them and then said, "why don't we just make you up a spicy chicken with lots of veggies plate?" I said fine.

The Chicken with vegetables-spicy was chocked full of meat, cabbage, carrots, snow peas, mushrooms, dried chili peppers, etc. Very tasty albeit a bit on the oily side. Our friend Limster has told me that the level of oil used generally goes up as the heat/spice level of the cooking does.

Manadarin Beef was aromatic and redolent of cumin and coriander. It has an unusual dusty texture but is very tasty, not too spicy, with water chestnuts, onion and bell pepper.

Sauteed green (long) beans come with fried tofu strips, and lots of dried red peppers. It is very spicy and very tasty, and probably very healthy.

I opted out of the Peking Beef Pie, because I, like other posters before me, found it to be heavy and retaining of the cooking grease. I hate to fill up on a heavy, greasy, starchy concoction when there are other (to my taste) more interesting dishes to try.

It looked like the owners or their family/friends must hang out in the restaurant because this is the second time I have seen a young woman with a baby in the kitchen. It really has a "family" feel to the restaurant. They even let me try the chicken with vegetables to make sure I liked it before they boxed it to go.

I can't believe it took us 19 years and Chowhound's recommendation to finally try this place. As usual, kudos to my fellow Chowhounds for this rec.

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