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Manchurian Balls

luckyfatima | Dec 24, 2009 07:25 AM

Chinese restaurants in my locale often cater to non-Chinese vegetarian customers. Among their veg. offereings I noticed a dish called Manchurian balls, which is white flour, possibly bound with egg, mixed with finely chopped vegetables like carrots and cabbage. It is formed into a golf ball size and deep fried. It is served in "Manchurian" sauce, which is a reddish brown sauce. I am wondering if this is based on some authentic food of any of the Chinese cuisines, or if this is an Indian Chinese food, or if this is something common in restaurants which serve vegetarian customers...perhaps it is in the US, too but I just never noticed it before or it is not a typical offering in my parts. Whatever it is, it is tasty. Anyone heard of this and know more about it?

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