Malto Mario kitchen

dixiegal | Mar 29, 201202:12 PM

Now that I have a DVR, I record cooking shows that I previously couldn't. I just discoverd Mario Batali. He is an interesting character, but mostly I watch him for his kitchen and his cool cookware. I must be watching older shows, because I often see him using LC dutch ovens. I think he has his own line of enameld cast iron. But I am really intrigues with all those copper pots and pans. So old world kind of looking. I don't see other tv chefs using much copper. Maybe it doesn't match their tv kitchen. Mario's cookware looks very used. I think that is why I like it. I like the sort of tarnished copper look.
My question is. Is the frying pans he often uses, carbon steel? They don't look shiney like stainless, they have very long handles and appear to be light in weght. I also like his utensil holder. Looks like some kind of tarnished tin or something. And looks like it either holds a lot of utensils or he has more than one of them setting together. He has LOTS of cooking utensils.

I find myself watching these cooking shows just to see what kind of kitchen cooking stuff they have and how the kitchens are set up.

Mario's kitchen is definately different as are his pots and pans. But then, Mario seems a bit different himself. LOL

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