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Mako-- Japanese for DON'T GO HERE? Candidate for worst below average meal ever.


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Mako-- Japanese for DON'T GO HERE? Candidate for worst below average meal ever.

epop | Jan 29, 2010 09:47 AM

Mako. It all started with a decent sushi meal at Kiyokawa. A person overheard me talking about seafood and sushi places and asked if I'd been to Mako. He told me that it is better than all the places I'd mentioned (Mori, Kiriko, Yasuda, Nobu). I had my doubts but I thought I should finally go. Rounded up about 6 diners and we headed to Beverly Drive.

We were seated immediately but then waited for ten minutes for the menus. We were never asked if we wanted something to drink (throughout the meal). We had plans for sake but we all were feeling a bit reluctant at this point. So we ordered their wonton soup ($8). Eight dollars each wasted. Tasted like a typical soy ramen broth from a powder. Unfortunately we'd already ordered more. No sake still. The soup of one of my friend's was brought and dropped on the table so that 1/5th of it spilled over onto the lower plate. A salad of calamari was brought next on put on someone's spoon so that it wasn't flat on the table. The waiter didn't care. He went to get us our cooked oysters (one of two items that was slightly enjoyable over the evening) and brought it to the table and put it on the crack of the table so that it too was leaning and not flat. I've never had this particular problem anywhere at a restaurant. Then an asian chicken salad ordered by one of our less adventurous friends. Decent. Quail with orange sauce. Purely disgusting. Tasted like squirrel cooked at panda express, if you can imagine that. Calamari salad with limp greens (every dish came this way, pretty much). Nothing to write home about. At this point we were angry. No sake still. We wanted out. But more was to come. Duck dumplings that had a flat taste, no subtlety. We were trying to enjoy them b/c they were the best thing to come out but this too was so below average. Was this a cafeteria dressed up as a restaurant?
Had a lobster with rice. Decent. We had to order two b/c it was the only item that had something we could feel nourished by. Nothing great but at least not bad. It has the lobster broth in there and a bit of rice. We were really hungry and frustrated. We'd ordered other items as well, all with regret. There is no need to elaborate.

I asked for the check and paid it joylessly. We all went went back to my place and had wine, baguettes and a bunch of cheeses to make up for having wasted our time at Mako. Ridiculous in every way.

The head chef was making the rounds, going from table to table to see his regulars, hearing praises. He didn't come to us though.

225 S. Beverly Dr. (bet. Charleville Blvd. & Gregory Way) Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone: 310-288-8338
Fax: 288-0398

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