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More on Making Turducken in the Bay Area

Cyrus Farivar | Dec 2, 200505:57 PM

There was an earlier post on eating/making turducken, and some people emailed me, so I figured I might as well share my knowledge.

Caveat: I've made turducken for the last two New Year's (will be making it again this year), and I've never had any turducken other than the ones that I've made. So I don't know anything about buying a turducken and I couldn't possibly conceive of buying one given that to me the whole fun is making it, so I can't speak for Draeger's or any other.

That said, I use this recipe:


It takes from start to finish about 36 hours, including prep, sleep, cooking and eating.

If you're making it locally in the Bay Area you should use the butchers at Berkeley Bowl and have them debone the birds for you. Ask them to do the turkey without cutting through the back. (They did this for me the first time I made turducken without asking and it was much better. The second time I made it, in LA, it wasn't as good because they didn't do it and I didn't know to ask.)

This way, it will make it so you don't have to sew the bird back up (so ignore that instruction in the recipe) and it will retain the flavor more.

Also, when stuffing the bird (and you can't do it overnight), get someone who loves you enough to join you at 6 am to stuff and put it in the oven with you. 2 hands aren't enough.

Enjoy. If you have other questions/comments, don't hestitate to contact me.

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