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Making saffron-infused vodka

AnneInMpls | Feb 25, 200812:16 PM     3

A generous friend gave me a HUGE amount of saffron - at least 1.25 ounces. (She got it from a wholesaler friend, so she didn't mortgage her house, but I'm still very overwhelmed.) This isn't tip-top quality saffron, but it is *real* saffron - it's deep red, no yellow bits, smells and tastes great. Lucky, lucky me!

So I'm thinking of making a saffron-infused vodka, and could use some advice. How much saffron should I use? How long should it soak? Should I infuse only saffron or add other spices to complement but not overwhelm the saffron? I want it to clearly say "saffron", not "spices".


P.S. I was inspired by the saffron cocktail recipes in this post: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/37181... . (Too bad I'm nowhere near the west coast - I'd love to try Sub Rosa's Saffron-Spice Vodka, too.)

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