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Making Gnocchi- Old Potatoes?


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Making Gnocchi- Old Potatoes?

tbear | Oct 16, 2008 03:04 PM

I know the basic technigue, but has anyone heard that older potatoes work better- the theory being that the sugars or starch break down over time? Also what potatoes?

Anecdote: I was in Tuscany a couple of years ago and asked the (grand?) mother of the household to show me her Gnocchi that had been so perfect the night before (just tossed in pesto...bliss.) She happily said yes and came over to our place the next day and proceeded to botch the whole thing. Gnochi sticking everywhere,dissolving in the pot, nothing there. She cried that the day was too hot, "oh, the humidity!"

I have told that story a couple of times, happy that even those born to these joyous little dumplings still struggle making them, when, at last, an Italian friend looked me in the eye and revealed the truth...she threw the game to keep her secret.

BTW: Gnocchi have been around for a thousand+ years around the Mediteranean, well predating the introduction of the potato to Europe - this I stumbled upon while looking at Wikepedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnocchi.

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