Makeshift vertical chicken roaster vs. $100 model


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Makeshift vertical chicken roaster vs. $100 model

greygarious | Jul 19, 2009 02:30 PM

I saw the vertical roaster of my dreams on a cooking show - Staub cast iron, sells for $100.
A similar Emerilware is half that, but the center tube is poorly-designed. The beauty of this roaster is that it can go on the stovetop once the chicken is finished, so you can deglaze and make gravy with the drippings and aromatics in the pan. I really don't want to buy another gadget, even if it were a bargain. What I use now is a one-piece angel food pan - it's 50+ yrs old, and heavy aluminum (I think - got it from a closed commercial bakery). I pour boiling water in it to deglaze, then scrape well and transfer to a saucepan to finish making gravy. Could I safely omit this step by deglazing and finishing the sauce in the angel food pan on my electric ceramic cooktop?

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