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Major Boston Metro Foodie blogs.. perhaps not good for us actual eaters?


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Major Boston Metro Foodie blogs.. perhaps not good for us actual eaters?

grant.cook | Feb 27, 2012 05:20 PM

I spent the past couple of days watching a slighted blogger drop a really hard flame on a local restaurant , followed by a mix of supporting posts from his friends and mockery from those that really question whether he seeks to help us locals access the culinary environment or is just seeking self-aggrandizement through posts at local food events.

I had recently added a bunch of food-specific feeds to my Twitter account and now perhaps think its maybe was a bad idea. Previously, I'd read the Globe online, Stuff, the Improp Bostonian, and they gave me a lot of ideas of places to hit.. as a new parent, it wasn't like I had more than a few chances a month.

Looking now at the numerous food blogs - and there are quite a few in Boston - out there, I wonder if they really add value for most of us... the ones I see that cook, that play with recipes, yes, but those that talk about fancy meals with 4 other food bloggers at an event where everyone knows the "press" is involved, is that really going to give me something to work from when my wife and I make a decision to eat out?

So my question is.. what food blogs in Boston are really value add, and which ones are just part of the noise of the restaurant trade? A few years back, I cancelled a lot of my ski magazines, because I realized every article was written with the goal of getting you to spend $$ at a ski resort.. how many culinary blogs in our area have fallen into that trap as well?

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