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Bob W | Jul 20, 201709:53 AM     8

Lot of different places so I'll keep my comments short.

Palace Diner, Biddeford: Amazing place. I got the fried chicken sandwich with jalapeno slaw and a wedge with jalapeno ranch dressing, Palace Potatoes, and broiled grapefruit. Incredible food. The sandwich is too high to eat with your hands.

Fishermen's Catch, Raymond: Yet another outstanding lobster roll. One for $18.95, two for $36.95. Huge. Delicious.

Lakeside Dairy Bar, Naples: They serve Annabelle's Natural Ice Cream instead of Gifford's, which is great but so much more common. We got Kahlua Chip and a Cherry Chip frappe. Excellent.

Fish Bones Grill, Lewiston: Very nice place with solid food. Got mussels, grilled scallops, lobster pasta, and a blueberry tart. A very popular place, for good reason (one being the lack of higher end options in the area, I'm sure, but the food is still very good and priced fairly).

Nezinscot Farm, Turner: This is a very interesting place. They make a wide variety of cheeses and cured meats, in addition to baked goods. The charcuterie includes unusual things like "lonza" in addition to prosciutto, coppa, salame, etc. The cheeses are a full range from soft and stinky to hard and buttery. Excellent macaroons and cinnamon buns too.

Tubby's, Wayne: Best known as an ice cream stand (for good reason), they also put out an excellent lobster roll.

168 Main, Belgrade Lakes: Yes, this is my brother's place, but the pizza is first-rate.

Village Inn, Belgrade Lakes: We had what is probably our best meal at the Village Inn on this trip. Portions were huge and food was delicious. I was even able to get something unexpected -- grilled haloumi cheese.

Red's Eats, Wiscasset: As good as ever. Lobster rolls and blueberry cake. The line pushed us to our limit, though, and we have vowed to try Sprague's on our next visit.

Treats, Wiscasset: Great source for baked goods -- scones, bread pudding, etc. Always something new to try.

Mine Oyster, Boothbay Harbor: Go for the oysters, which are outstanding. The rest of the menu is average.

Trevett Country Store, Trevett: Nice find near the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens and Porter Preserve. Very good lobster roll and fried haddock. Not the best in either category, but a good source for both, and apparently crab rolls too.

Boothbay Lobster Wharf, BBH: Kinda touristy, yes, but we good delicious chowder and lobster BLT.

Libby's Market, Brunswick: Had another great lobster roll from Libby's.

Blue Rooster, Portland: This is my kind of junk food. Caesar fried brussels sprouts and a "Slawsky and Hutch" dog (topped with chili, tots, cheese, and slaw).

Standard Baking Company, Portland (two visits): Mrs. W cannot stop raving about the chocolate chunk rye cookie. Everything is great.

For lodgings, we spent two nights at the Wolf Cove Inn in Poland -- our first visit and we would go back. It's on a very nice lake (Tripp Lake) and serves excellent, large breakfasts. Then, two nights at the Topside Inn in BBH (third visit). Breakfasts were off the hook (homemade gnocchi one day, peach/praline waffles the next). Plus there's always a lagniappe like mini crepes with smoked salmon and homemade cream cheese. Great mattresses and bottomless coffee at both places!

Think that's all from this trip.

Palace Diner
The Fishermen's Catch
Lakeside Dairy Bar
Nezinscot Farm
Red's Eats
Mine Oyster
Trevett Country Store
Libby's Market
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