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Maine Fish Market - *ugh* - East Windsor, CT


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Maine Fish Market - *ugh* - East Windsor, CT

Eiron | Feb 22, 2011 07:22 PM

This place was recommended by the hotel staff. Apparently, lots of the airport hotels suggest this place because the waiter made a comment about the number of business travelers they get. I'm traveling alone & I went here for dinner alone.

It was late in the evening, & I really wanted something light. I mentioned this to the waiter & told him I was thinking of the bacon-wrapped scallops & spanikopita, & a glass of wine. (When I picked up the drink list, it was sticky with old spills; this item definitely hadn't been wiped down in at least a week, probably longer.) The waiter was very friendly & talkative. He poo-poo'd my selections & made some definitive recommendations for items that I went along with.

The first of these was a seafood bisque soup. This was very tasty & well-spiced, but it was slopped all over the outside of the soup cup. A nice herb bread was eventually served, but only after I'd finished more than 1/2 my soup.

Then my glass of wine was brought to the table. This was also slopped all over the outside of the glass, to the point where it soaked my placemat & my hands got sticky picking it up. (I ended up soaking my (paper) napkin with my water glass just so that I could get it cleaned off.) The wine had a few small pieces of debris floating on top (I couldn't tell what they were), & came accompanied by a fruit gnat of some kind.

Finally, the meal was served. This was a mildly-cajun-seasoned seafood broil (they call it a casserole) consisting of white fish, scallops & shrimp in a butter sauce, sprinkled with seasoned bread crumbs, & served with a side of mixed veggies & another side of white rice. The fish was okay, but not great. The scallops were soft to the point of being almost mushy. The shrimp were wonderful; almost like mini lobster tails. The sides were a waste of time. The veggies were over-cooked by several days, while the rice was crammed into a cup & "un-molded" onto a plate for presentation. (Do people actually like this sort of presentation?)

The total bill, for one person, was nearly $40. As enthusiastic as the waiter was about his job, I won't be giving them a 2nd try & I can't recommend them.

Maine Fish Market Restaurant
60 Bridge St, East Windsor, CT 06088

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